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Saturday, October 6, 2012

the bullies


remember when you were young, 13, maybe, and you have a hobby, your hobby happens to be writing a blog (macam fatimahdin ni, yang suka sangat mengetip jari di papan kekunci laptop ini, even homework fatimahdin tak siapkan lagi), or designing your own homepage (back then, homepage was the IN THING, man) and so you learn all these skills, you memorize all of the HTML codes, you download every single cool scripts you can get off the web, let it be to make the font sparkle ke.....make it fade, and bright again ke.....make the frames float around the page, you make sure that your homepage is according to your own rules, its YOUR escapism, your passion, your child..... i don't now..something  that means a lot to you.. because you worked hard for this.. you gain knowledge, you have ideas and you execute them through your work..

then, you make another page, a Guestbook page, with nice colours, cool font semua.. you invite people to leave their comments, and you welcome everyone to do so.. why restrict this page you designed to yourself? it looks cool, you think it's pretty cool, you should share if with everyone right? this design! this personal thing   that you've sliced off yourself to put it on the web.

and then come the people who comments.. they live nice comments.. ' i love your page.. it's really pretty! make more in the following months okay! ' these are the kind of comments that will keep you on your toes, to wanna make something better, to be more creative. to work harder.. "Hey, maybe I AM good at this?" if you've thought that way about yourself, then yes, you are that good.. feedback is important.. do not underestimate s good comment..

and then there are the haters.. the bullies! what are they? let me explain..
bullies are people who feeds off hating people.. leaving negative remarks to burn you down.. to lower your esteem.. it is up to you to shield yourself from this, because they are just mere bullies in your kinder garden stealing your lunch box, and eat your turkey sandwiches your mum made for you.. it's no use to me to tell you who they are because they won't leave their real names for you to track them down, they are mere ghosts in your closet.. they come once in a while to scare you.. you can't see them.. sometimes you do, but you hear them..

bullies will always be there! when you are 13, 16, 19, 23, 37 and so on... hey, they will even be there at your funeral.. let it be if you're a judge, a lawyer, an accountant, a fesyen designer, a teacher, a politician, an actress, or whatever, we have our bullies..

i just like felt writing this because i've gone through a series of bullying lately! i've experienced getting bullied in high school, college, and even right now, i'm 21, and i thought these things would not happen, this lunch box stealing, anonymous hate comment things, will not happen when you've past a certain age.. bue it's here! they're here to stay.. rasa macam dah sepuluh tahun deal dengan benda ini, tapi still ada! luckily, i am a wiser now! more patient.. calmer.. toned down.. i am like that! i've learned that life is like a river.. you would either float with it, swim in it, or you drown.. i felt like writing this because i don't think anyone should go through what i go through..!

i just wanted to say that if you're going through the same thing, just keep doing what you do with the best intentions.. let God guide you through.. the only reason why we don't see a lot of artists, judge, lawyer, architects, musician, is because of the bullies that were there to stop them at their starting point.. macam mana nak bergerak? macam mana nak maju? be strong..! ignore the negatives vibes and just focus on the positive side of things, smile and you will be fine.. if you think you are good enough, then YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! before i got here, i was said 'NO' to a thousand times, i did not stop until i got a 'YES' when other people try to bring you down, stop you from doing the things you love - be like water, find your way through tiny holes..

always carry yourself around with you.. don't ever let people force you to do something you can't do! it's okay if people don't get it, and they bully you because of things they can't squeeze out of are you, and you need to realize that! it's okay if THEY don't.. determine your strength and improvise your flaws..

Don't let people exploit you.
today, i read somewhere, "What kind of person would you like to be today? "
i would like to be strong! i am not hard headed! but, if i were to be a judge, i want to be one with a brain, someone who has control of her life, independent, and who has the ability to make her own decision, at her own will, with integrity! and i would like to have my own space and privacy at my own terms.. i hope people would respect that..
other than that, live healthy, pray to God and be nice to people..

chop! : sorry for the grammatical errors, was really rushing writing this.. oh my homework!

salam sayang,


  1. Blom bace..pjg bebenor... :)

  2. bullies are everywhere, don't give up..
    Let them taste the awesomeness of patience and strength