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Monday, August 8, 2016

ikhlas in loving


what is ikhlas in loving?

hai friends,

we can love a lot of people, even our family and friends because of so many beautiful reasons.

if you love someone because of their physical looks or their shape,
for example,
later, when they get old or when you are long enough with that person,
you will find someone else far more beautiful than her or more handsome than him.

if you love someone because of how soft that person is,
and how gentle they are,
and how sweet they are and just because of the personality he or she is,
one day you will find that he or she also will become hard sometimes,
and will become sensitive and offended,
will mad and angry when they are tired,
and at that time, you will find that,
there's a lot of other guys or girls out there who are superior in
their characters and manners than that person.

if you love someone because of their Deen,
on how much they wake up tahajud everyday,
for how much they post Islamic things in social media,
for how much they recite and memorise Quran everyday,
one day you will find that their Iman is also goes up and down,
and sometimes, they skipped tahajud too,
and sometimes, they are tired in memorising
and they need a break,
and sometimes,
just sometimes they didn't show you
hence its not appearance of how much they connect with Allah,
and at that time,
you may find someone out there who are far more religious
in your eyes than him or her.

if you love someone because of their status and popularity,
and how much people say they are kind and nice,
and how much they are known in the society,
and how much that person is referred and being complemented,
and how much people are amazed by her or his kindness and characters,
one day,
when you see that he or she crumbled up too,
lose his or her spirit too,
feeling demotivated too,
and want to isolate from people too,
and at that time,
you will find that ,
there are many people who are more amazing, great and incredible
than her or him.

if you love someone because of how much they love and want you,
and show to you how much they need you and
make your heart flattered,
dear people,
feeling changes,
and heart controlled by Allah
and that time you may feel as if there are
a lot of other people out there who can love you better.


what is the reason to love people?

simple the answer is
no other reason than just because of Allah.

loving people for the sake of Allah.
in that solid reason, you would find that people make mistakes
and hurt you sometimes unintentionally,
people have mood changes and is inconsistent,
people would not achieve all great things and
they also have failures in life.
that the people, human being is a weak creation of God
and need Allah all the time.
at that moment you realize that you would support the one whom you love,
no matter how hard the situation is.
simple, just because of Allah.
simple for the sake of Allah.
and this is what we called as ikhlas in loving.

how do we know if we are ikhlas in loving?

we would never know our ikhlas,
our sincerity ,
ikhlas is only in the knowledge of Allah.
only Allah knew how much ikhlas you are
in doing anything for the sake of Him.
however, it would have shown by your actions.
it would have shown when you tolerate towards
your sisters and friends, as for example.
it would have shown when you don't just leave your friend
when your friend sometimes hurt you.
it shows when you apologize to your friend for the sake of
friendship for Allah just so that you didn't lose this friendship.