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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

> loving support

there's not like spending time with loves one
when one is surrounded by love
the hard times in life seem to lessen
you realize that it is not that bad after all
and that you will make it after all
whenever times get hard
it is nice to have people to turn to
ears that will listen
arms that will hold on and not let go
this sense of security that then envolves allows us
to express whatever you are having a hard time
don't hold on it
and try to be strong
there's  reason for hard times
they only make you stronger
there's reason for haters
they only bring you good karma
with their badmouthing
and most importantly
there's  reason why we have friends,lovers and family members
it's to make life a little bit brighter when the stroms are here
those that matter are always there
wheather it's from up close or from a distance
you know that you can count on their loving support

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