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Monday, January 17, 2011

> battlefield

all is fair in love and war
love is a battlefield and war is all about the battles
once you are in love you are fighting
to protect your fragile heart
and you are fighting for the special
someone's love that you yearn for
it just a matter of chossing the right captain
and to trust him or her
enough to the core
love is not just the butterflies
the memories
and the good times
its also the ups and down
fights and difficulties that come along
its all about sticking to the battlefield
and giving it your best
love is battlefield
but don't let that restain you from entering the war
the victory awaiting you
at the end of the journey is way more fulfilling
and worth the scars and tears that
you may shed
but just remember
it takes two to win the battle
so be a wise general
pick your captain
and get your armon coz

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