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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

> longing for

deep inside we all want to be special to someone
we long for the undivided love and attention of one person
that one person who can make us feel like we are the only thing that matters
we long for burning passion and yet security
we do not wish to be on a pink cloud
because that feeling would be everlasting
we long to be the king or queen of somebody
we long to have someone give the world to us
and be willing to share it with us
in the words of Jan Cure,
we want a love
that is so real that it makes us give in
so whtever it is that you are longing for
if you do not have it
just be patient..
your king or queen maybe lost in forest
it's only a matter of till he or she arrives
and make your longing a reality

1 comment:

  1. Don't ever think u are nothing,coz somewhere along the line,there's going to be someone who thinks u are EVERYTHING... ;)