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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

..dEwa dEWi KaYangAn..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

> eMo

love me without restriction..
trust me without wondering..
face me without fear..
want me without demand..
accept me for who i am..
never say u love me..
if u really care..
never talk about feelings..
if u don't really exist..
never say you're gone..
if u don't plan to start..
never hold my hand..
if u are gonna break my heart..
never look into my eyes..
if all u do is lie..
never say hello..
if u really meant goodbye..
if u really meant forever..
then please say you'll try..
never say forever..
cause forever makes me suffer..
i can't afford to be achapter in your life..
it would be fine if u let me to be just a comma in it..
it is where we stop for a while..
think and take a breath before continuing our journey..
and, i'm just a problem solver..
that's who i am..
i'll be there when u need me..
and i know my way out whenever u don't..
i'll be gone..
don't ever hesitate to find me..
whenever u need a shoulder to cry on..
that's my one role..
and thank god, i am getting used to it..

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