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Monday, August 30, 2010

what every girl wants to hear...

what a girl wants to hear
thanks for the fun day
no problem
can i ask you a few questions?
sure o.o
be honest
have i ever crossed your mind?
do you like me?
do you want me?
would you cry if i left?
would you live for me?
would you do anything for me?
choose me or your life?
my life
the girl ran away in shock depression
the boy ran after her and told her...
  • the reason you never crossed my mind because YOUR ALWAYS ON MY MIND
  • the reason why i don't like you because I LOVE YOU
  • the reason i don't want you is because I NEED YOU
  • the reason why i wouldn't cry if i left because I'LL DIE IF YOU LEFT
  • the reason i wouldn't live for you is because I WOULD DIE FOR YOU
  • the reason i'm not willing to do anything for you is because I WOULD DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU
  • the reason i choose my life because YOU ARE IN MY LIFE
tweet : pink colour is the dialog of the girl while blue colour is the boy...

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