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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

> thought you were different

the first time i set eyes on you
thoughts ran through my mind
i hoped that soon you would be mine
but in you,
different thoughts when on you liked me..
over me

i thought i like you just for looks
but as time when on,
i liked more than just your looks
i liked your personality

i liked your smile
your eyes
and almost everything about you

i hoped you would be mine
so you could love and hold me
we could spend everyday together
and have a wonderful moments
which may be keep as our memories

i claimed you as mine
i liked only you
but now i'm thinking
and i think
i have fallen in love with you!
feeling sucks with this

i wanted you
i wanted and waited for your love back
but now i think and wonder
has all this worth you turning
me down?
says good bye to this feeling

i liked you then began loving you
but now i no longer wish for you to be mine
now you will see what you have missed out on
the way i felt about you
was different than all the others
i thought you were the one
the first time i set eyes on you
just be yourself because i love the way you are

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